Zone Face Lift

Naturally Lifts Your Face And Spirit

"Look 10 Years Younger In 12 Weeks"


Improve your appearance from the inside out. This new holistic treatment is being hailed as a natural alternative to Botox and Fillers. Developed by Ziggie Bergman the treatment starts with a Holistic Facial using hot towels to hydrate and nourish the skin, followed by healing visualisations to release emotions held in the face. The techniques used combine Facial Reflexology points with Japanese massage techniques and specialist facial tools including Gua sha and Quartz Crystals.


Regular treatments promote a healthy complexion and younger looking skin. The Zone Face Lift has been extensively featured in the national press, with beauty magazines reporting 10 years of ageing being removed over a 12 week programme.


The face is a mirror to your health and wellbeing. Stress can be seen on the face in frown creases, deep lines, sallow skin and dark circles with muscles becoming fixed or weak resulting in sagging skin. The Zone Lift Treatment will give you all the benefits of a traditional reflexology session, providing a deep sense of relaxation combined with improved skin tone and facial texture.


Only natural and organic products are used giving you a truly holistic and effective facial treatment. All treatment plans are bespoke and customised to suit each individual to maximise the benefit. You will be shown techniques to use daily at home and if you sign up for the 12 week programme you will receive a bottle of the Zone Face Lift Elixir and a Jade Tool to use at home.


Typical results include:

*Naturally stimulating the production of collagen and elastin

*Help to release emotional strain from the face

*Smoothing and lifting of the face giving a glowing complexion

*Reduced stress levels


Although visible benefits can often be seen with a one off treatment, best results are obtained with a course of 12 weekly treatments. The full course can provide an alternative to Botox or Fillers providing a natural holistic and non-invasive treatment that will not only reduce the signs of ageing but will also impact your general sense of well being.


As everyone is individual and unique there is no way of knowing how your face will change during the programme. Generally skin will look brighter and clearer within a few sessions. Clients have reported that by week 4 friends and family start to notice that they are looking well and fresh faced. In addition to the weekly treatment you will work on your face at home, using the tool provided and the points I will show you that I think will be of most benefit to you.


Comments from clients include:

"My wrinkles have definitely improved around the eye area and the forehead"

"I am now experiencing less headaches, a bit calmer generally and some improvement in my digestive system"

"Feel incredibly relaxed - generally happy and positive"


*Results will vary by individual


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Zone Face Lift facial reflexology and massage



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